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Chrome Wheel Sealer Rust Inhibitor

Why is my tire flat ???

Repair Scenario

Your customers chrome wheel is leaking air, the puncture is nowhere to be found. Through further investigation the wheels interior rim shows signs of rust and corrosion.

A. Typically today there is no method of repair, so wheel replacement is your only option

B. This is very costly to your customer, and the profit margin is nominal compared to?

Answer: Chrome Wheel Sealer Rust Inhibitor Kit.

Preventative Maintenance Scenario

1. Purchase and apply the Chrome Wheel Sealer Rust Inhibitor to newly chromed and after market wheels any size shape or model. This makes a complete rubber seal between the tire and the wheel.

2. When your technicians are inflating customers tires for the first time we all know the air holds some amount of moisture. It’s only a matter of time before rust and corrosion take their toll on your customers very expensive wheel investment. Be their hero and apply Chrome Wheel Sealer Rust Inhibitor before installing all new chrome wheels and tires.

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