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To the Manufacturer:

Most of the chrome wheels that are being installed around the world have one problem,
they are factory chrome plated wheels leading the consumer to think it is your chrome.

After a year or so the wheel will start to corrode from the interior because the air inside
the tire holds moisture and will eventually destroy the entire wheel.

This could have all been avoided by using our product Chrome Wheel Sealer Rust Inhibitor
at the time of initial mounting. It forms a complete rubber seal which water and air cannot
penetrate. If you made it mandatory for our product to be installed on every chrome wheel
before it was mounted, it would never corrode or leak extending your products longevity.

And more importantly your customers chances of experiencing hazzards will be less
once your wheels are protected. So invest in our Chrome Wheel Sealer Rust Inhibitor
so you can protect that customer you worked so hard to gain.

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